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How to Know if The Transmission is Failing:

• Unusual Noises Between Gear Shifting
• Long Time to Accelerate or Transmission Slipping

• Fluid Leakage
• Check Engine Light
If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned issues, contact us immediately so we can promptly and efficiently get you back on the road with a great working transmission.

Providing a Safer Driving Experience

The main goal of every driver is a safe driving experience. At Affordable Engines & Transmissions, we make that our goal for you as well. We do this by ensuring your car is in great condition. We will give you the transmission your vehicle can depend on. With over 30 years of experience in the auto repair industry, we have the proper knowledge and training to handle even the most difficult repairs.

Schedule a Transmission Service or Repair Today

Transmission issues are not something to take lightly. Let our experienced auto mechanics give your vehicle the attention and maintenance it needs. Call 423-323-8829 today to schedule your next transmission maintenance or repairs.

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